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ms english teacher

A lot of us are sitting home at the moment thinking and worrying about what is coming. It´s a pretty scary time for everybody. They say difficult times bring people closer together but how do we do that in a world where self quarantine and social distancing are the new norms. Maybe it isn´t a bad time to start communicating again. Let´s forget the Whatsapps and Facebook posts for a while and try really talking to each other. Maybe it shows my age but I remember when the phone lines burnt for hours as we spoke to our friends and families. What do we have if not each other and during times like these a quick chat means more than a gif or a funny video. I think we would all be surprised how much closer this brings us. Maybe it isn´t a bad time to break out of the isolation of our self isolation and talk to someone.

Ms English Teacher
  • Ms English Teacher