Just keep going

Staying sane in the time of self-isolation is kind of difficult. It makes it even more difficult if you were not really completely sane before. The first week was a nightmare. It felt like I couldn´t breathe and that the walls were closing in on me. I knew I had to do something..but what?

One morning I got up and starting walking. I put on my runners and headset and took off. I didn´t know where I was going. I was just going. The first day.. 6 kilometers. I walked through the hills and forests behind my home. I found myself in the most wonderful places..sights and sounds that made all of the noise and uncertainty go away. By the end of the first week, I was at 100 kilometers.

And that is how the walking started. I walked and walked because I couldn´t stop..couldn´t go back..kept telling myself just keep going.

Ms English Teacher
  • Ms English Teacher