Who needs another blog?!!

Well if I am honest most people don´t. This won´t stop me from writing one though 🙂 The new world order has changed things for me and now all I have is time. So here I am with time to spare and ready to share my thoughts with anyone who will read them.

Who am I? An English teacher and a lover of words (grammar too..just ask my students) who up to now has used the excuse “no time”, (direct translation..too lazy) for not pouring my heart out in print.

I would love for this blog to be a collaboration. I have had so many wonderful people in my English classes and I think that many have amazing stories to tell. So to all of my students out there, you are welcome to contribute to this blog. Send me your words and I will post them.

So I am off…kilometers to walk before the sun rises and I have to get back to my new normal. Enjoy the day and take care of each other.